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Dialme.com.bd is a Local Search Engine for Community Social  Business & Service Directory All In One, First Time in Bangladesh. Its a  Media/Advertising service of Dialme Limited.Dialme Limited registered under the Company Act (Act XIII) of 1994 vide Reg. No CH-13350/2019 and TAX  Identification No. 496902985207

Here our Endeavour is to become the most preferred option to convey information about specialized products & services. We are sure to be a reliable and user-friendly information provider. 

Dialme.com.bd is also a platform indeed through which one can convey information about any products/services in a specified market. It has been observed many times that the lack of information creates problems during buyer’s decision making whereas prior knowledge about products/services, their suppliers and cost, etc leads to a better deal and its consequences. Dialme.com.bd is striving to bridge the gap between buyers and suppliers.


Our Mission:-

To Making digital Bangladesh in your pokect! new era, B2B ,B2C, BPO, eCommerce, Online Shopping & business in Bangladesh.

Our Goal:-

To making digital Bangladesh, Build, Lunch and Grow online business of the people, by the people and for the people. We make digital platform easily assailable to people and business house.

1. Grow your Business

2. Received & Send SMS

3. Send Email to your own segment

4. Real Time SMS

5. Reduce time & effort

6. Personalized SMS

7. Segment user & customer database

8.  Frequent communication

9. Information spreading cost.

10. Reduced overhead cost.


Our Values:-

1. We are dedicated to working together! We save time!

2. Personal approach

3. Helpful approach

4. Trustworthy approach 

5. Bespoke approach 

6. Attentive approach 

7. Committed approach

8. Dependability approach

9. Flexibility approach

10. Innovation approach

11. Regulatory Support approach

12. In House Quality Service approach

Dialme.com.bd is a smart way to grow your business through the Digital Marketing platform for Community Social Business. 

So almost FREE Business Listing & Advertise with us:

1. Doctors 2. Restaurants  3. Real state 4. Hotel 5. Automobiles  6. B2B  7. Shop Online 8. Education  9. Event Management 10. Wedding 11. Hire/Rent 12. Daily Needs 13. Repairs 14. Emergency Service 15. On-Demand Service 16. Industrial Products 17. Shopping 18. Tour & Travel 19. NGO & Legal 20. Media & News 21. Entertainment


There are so many sub-categories! Google-map with YouTube / Vimeo  Integrated! You can show your business video and set/find your business with Google-map


For Listing your business contact our local Agent Point   


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